Leveraging Technology for Adolescent Suicide Prevention: A Guide for Educators

In our efforts to address adolescent mental health and suicide prevention, integrating Crisis Response Plans (CRPs) with technology can be highly beneficial. CRPs provide a structured approach to help individuals

23 July 2024

Effective Suicide Risk Assessments in Clinical Settings

Addressing the global challenge of suicide prevention necessitates a critical reassessment of methodologies for risk assessment in clinical contexts. Conventional models of risk assessment, which have attempted to forecast future

2 May 2024

Empowering Communities in Mental Health Initiatives

In the evolving narrative of public health, mental health emerges not just as a topic of discussion but as a critical area demanding nuanced and comprehensive strategies. The journey toward

2 March 2024

Building resilient communities: The role of elected officials in suicide prevention

In the intricate tapestry of community health, the thread of mental well-being is crucial, yet often overlooked. Among the most pressing concerns in this realm is suicide prevention, an issue

18 February 2024

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