Working together with a community in Idaho

Truly achieving a reduced suicide rate in one’s community or state remains challenging. Yet, our work in Idaho proves that it is not only possible, but inspiring, after many difficult conversations. From the Panhandle through Clearwater, to the Southwest and the Upper Snake region, the discussions are evolving. Rather than a clinician choosing which hospital to send the suicidal patient to, they are increasingly helping patients select how they want to interrupt their suicidal thoughts and make more life-pursuing choices.


Care to end suffering

The problem

In 2022, Idaho was the 12th leading U.S. state for suicides at 1.4 times the national average. Suicide in Idaho is the 9th leading cause of death for adults and the 2nd leading cause of death for those ages 15-24. From 2021 to 2022, suicide in Idaho is the ninth leading cause of death for adults and the second leading cause of death for those age.

Our approach

We partnered with nonprofits and used federal grants to train healthcare professionals across Idaho to better handle suicidal patients. We've enabled residents to start crucial talks with those facing suicidal thoughts through community trainings, including panels with young people and those affected by loss, fostering crucial preventive and healing discussions.

Our impact

Since 2016, we've reduced stigma and trained hundreds of Idahoans statewide. We've enhanced first responders' skills and knowledge in suicide response, strengthening community ties and readiness to help. PROSPER is now used in Idaho hospitals, offering superior care and empowering treatment for distressed patients.

Our results

We've cut psychiatric hospitalizations and boosted confidence in those treating suicidal patients, enhancing adherence to best practices. Since our methods have lowered suicide risk statewide we expect a decrease in suicides within the next four years.


Love what we do

Are you passionate about suicide prevention? There’s a role for everyone in this crucial mission. Learn how you can get involved, whether through volunteering, or simply spreading the word.