Working together with a community in London

While many authorities cite rural communities as a crisis, urban residents also grapple with suicidal thoughts and feelings. In London, we’ve been working within the autism community to reduce suicide risk, as this vulnerable community deserves more care and attention than it has received in the past. Addressing suicide with families and individuals with autism spectrum disorder breaks new ground. Thanks to our partners and our methods, we’re gaining superior results and building trust in a way the field has never seen before!


Proud of our heritage

The problem

Those on the autism spectrum stand at a 3.75-fold higher risk of suicide according to the research. Yet no small or large scale high quality research studies have produced reliable and effective results – until now.

Our approach

The sustainability of prevention programs depends on sustaining the specialized expertise. Through a multi-year strategy involving PROSPER training, consultations, and clinical reviews, we've re-engineered how one provider network treats suicidal concerns for Greater London’s autism community. Our partners are now leading experts in this approach and are gaining notoriety for cost savings and risk reduction.

Our impact

Clinical teams serving this specialized population have enhanced their size, confidence, and skills, effectively addressing communication issues, family dynamics, and risky behaviors in autism spectrum disorders. The PROSPER method is used in various hospital and therapeutic settings to manage various levels of severity.

Our results 

We are honored to help deliver hope and resources to London youths with autism who have suffered in institutional settings without empowering interventions. By enhancing their reasons for living and aligning daily activities with their values, we've enriched their quality of life in all contexts.


We love what we do

Are you passionate about suicide prevention? There’s a role for everyone in this crucial mission. Learn how you can get involved, whether through volunteering, or simply spreading the word.