Innovation in suicide prevention: Let’s prosper together!

Suicide is not a mental health problem, it is a social one – like poverty, homelessness or crime. Many communities and nations struggle to sustain suicide reductions and they lack culturally responsive risk reduction techniques. Commonly, prevention initiatives reuse the same curriculum annually, leaving clinicians underprepared and at-risk patients underserved. One size does NOT fit all. Sustainable reduction requires dynamic models and enhanced community connectedness. Instead of reactive hospitalization, patient-empowering and strength-based approaches from suicidology research foster trust between patients and clinicians and reduce long-term suicide risk in communities.


Proud of our work

Our story

Founded on the belief that every life is precious, but not all lives can be saved. PROSPER began as a small group of dedicated individuals who saw the urgent need for innovative suicide prevention. Today, we’ve grown into a global network, connecting experts, advocates, and communities in a shared mission to boost hope and save lives.

Our vision

We envision a world in which all people act on what they see, particularly when they see someone in distress. When we unite various people according to their common values, we cultivate a richer effort and fuel trust and kindness. Suicide will not be solved by the mental health system alone. It requires a broader approach, whereby people take an extra moment to care for each other. The result of this collective effort is we PROSPER together.

Our impact

Immense effort, countless hours and endless conversations have moved communities to change, grow and evolve. That’s what PROPSER is all about, starting difficult and meaningful conversations in a way which produces results. As we reshape the suicide prevention strategy and narrative globally, every word counts toward making life worth living.

Our partnerships 

PROSPER’s approach requires the commitment of others who choose to invest in suicide prevention, intervention and postvention. Our network of unique allies and affiliates embolden us as we collectively empower and support rural and urban communities across multiple continents. What we accomplish together is powered by the shared motivations and positive intentions of partnerships.


Values at our core

At PROSPER our values are centered on empowering individuals, enhancing community engagement, and advancing sustainable, evidence-based approaches to reduce suicide risk. They are:

  • Empowering individuals: We prioritize patient empowerment through every level of our interventions.
  • Enhancing community engagement: We leverage cultural insights to foster connectedness and motivate communities to act on their values.
  • Advancing sustainable approaches: We focus on proactive strategies over reactive measures, ensuring long-term effectiveness.
  • Delivering evidence-based practices: We provide professionals with the latest evidence-based methods and training.
  • Optimizing systems: We redesign systems to enhance the implementation of best practices.
  • Developing innovative research: We are committed to generating new insights and research for suicide risk reduction.